If you are reading this, you have the respect of a mostly wild but trying young woman raised near the Blue Mountains of Northeast Oregon. Or you stumbled upon the blog while aimlessly stalking the 152 million (2013) blogs on the internet. The odds are equally likely. Regardless, you are in the territory of my mind now. What you read may not have ever been intended for anyone to read. It might be personal and it might be controversial. I might not even agree with myself all the time. These pages are developing, just as I am. There is so far to go.  As a goddess in embryo, development is my only focus. I seek to expand my knowledge of earth and heaven, to starve those tendencies which prevent me from perfect obedience to celestial law, and to ferociously defend that ground I gain. I battle rebelliousness, distraction, a wandering heart, and restless soul, and I often fall. Net-gain or loss I struggle to see, which is why I need you.

To the few I invite within these realms, I request support. I do not know how to express my appreciation at all times, so know now that I need you. Your friendship and kinship is irreplaceable and it is precious to me. I don’t have or want many friends. I just want those I have to be ones I can trust, and who can help me become better, and I want to be worthy of those friends so that they can trust me. Especially those friends and family I cannot see.

My life is the most blessed and privileged God has given. I have every opportunity and every security. I have been taught principles of truth from my infancy, but I still fail. I have no excuses, but deep in my heart  I know God only cares that I change; that I become more and keep learning. Amidst uncertainty and personal weakness, I know God will get me through. As the invincibility of youth falls away, I must draw closer to him. I see extraordinary individuals pave the way for me to know how to proceed. People like my stake president, my best friend’s mom, my own mother, and probably you. Never underestimate the influence you have. There is no such thing as a personal choice, for each blesses others. Yours have blessed me. I write as though you are someone I know. If you are the one-in-a-billion internet wanderer who has stumbled here, I hope what I write may bless you. (Like the fact that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is the Lord’s Kingdom restored to the earth in these last days and the path to peace and salvation. Check it out: https://www.mormon.org/)

Peace and Love,



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